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No                    AUTHOR(S)TITLE
WP-2024-008Rozi Kumari and Rupayan PalCatastrophic Decline in Women Ownership of Firms in India:
WP-2024-007Srijit MishraMultidimensional Index: A Note
WP-2024-004Rupayan Pal and Sumit ShrivastavPrivacy Regulation, Cognitive Ability, and Stability of Collusion
WP-2024-003Rupayan Pal and Emmanuel PetrakisCross-ownership in duopoly: Are there any incentives to divest?
WP-2024-002Runu Bhakta and A. Ganesh-KumarPolicy Alternatives for Accelerating Health & Educational Attainments of Children in India: An Analysis using Computable General Equilibrium Model
WP-2024-001Himanshu Jaiswal & A. Ganesh-KumarA new mechanism for trade agreements to revitalize the Global Value Chains
WP-2023-016Shreya Biswas, Jayati Sarkar, Ekta SelarkaWomen Director Interlocks and Firm Performance: Evidence from
WP-2023-015Ashima GoyalIndia’s exchange rate regime under inflation targeting
WP-2023-014Pratik Thakkar, Kausik Gangopadhyay and Rupayan PalTemperature shock and economic growth: Does spillover effect hurt
WP-2023-013Ashima GoyalSimilarities yet Divergence in South Asian Macroeconomic Performance
WP-2023-012Taniya Ghosh and Yadavindu AjitCentral Bank Transparency, the Role of Institutions and Inflation Persistence
WP-2023-010Ashima GoyalIndian Fiscal Policy: A possible escape route
WP-2023-009Preksha Jain and Rupayan PalCorruption-Proof Minimum Regulation for ‘Zero Emission’: Status Incentives – Bane or Boon?
WP-2023-008Upasak Das, Rupayan Pal, Udayan Rathore and Bibhas SahaRein in Pandemic by Pricing Vaccine: Does Social Trust Matter?
WP-2023-007Taniya Ghosh and Abhishek Gorsi
Money and Output Asymmetry: The unintended consequences of
central banks’ obsession with inflation
WP-2023-006S. Mahendra Dev (ICFAI) and Rajeswari Sengupta (IGIDR)The Indian economy in the post-pandemic world: Opportunities and
WP-2023-005Rudra Narayan Kushwaha and Taniya Ghosh The Effects of Population Growth on Patents and Economic Growth Dynamics
WP-2023-004Aeimit Lakdawala, Bhanu Pratap and Rajeswari SenguptaImpact of RBI's monetary policy announcements on government bond yields: Evidence from the pandemic
WP-2023-003Rounak Sil, Unninarayanan Kurup, Ashima Goyal, Apoorva Singh and Rajendra ParamanikChorus in the Cacophony: Dissent and Policy Communication of India’s Monetary Policy Committee
WP-2023-002Ashima GoyalLessons from outperformance in the Indian financial sector
WP-2023-001Rajeswari Sengupta and Harsh VardhanBankruptcy Regime Change and Credit Risk Premium on Corporate Bonds: Evidence from the Indian Economy
WP-2022-019Rajeswari Sengupta and Harsh VardhanIndia’s credit landscape in a post-pandemic world
WP-2022-018Manisha JainAssessing the accuracy and adequacy of India’s national energy balances: Implications for tracking sustainable development and climate goals
WP-2022-017Vaishali Garga, Aeimit Lakdawala and Rajeswari SenguptaAssessing Central Bank Commitment to Inflation Targeting: Evidence From Financial Market Expectations in India
WP-2022-016S. Mahendra Dev and Rajeswari SenguptaCovid-19 Pandemic: Impact, Recovery, and the Road Ahead for the Indian Economy
WP-2022-015Manisha JainEnergy efficiency targets and tracking savings: Measurement issues in developing economies
WP-2022-014Anuj Bhowmik and Japneet KaurCompetitive Equilibria and Robust Efficiency with Club Goods
WP-2022-013Ashima Goyal and Abhishek KumarWhat Drives Indian Inflation? Demand or Supply
WP-2022-012Prashant ParabExchange Rate Pass-through in India
WP-2022-011Rupayan Pal, Preksha Jain and Prasenjit BanerjeeThe Environment and Corruption: Monetary vs. Non-monetary Incentives and the First Best
WP-2022-010Satya R. Chakravarty, Rama Pal, Rupayan Pal, Palash SarkarMinimum Inequality Taxation, Average and Minimally Progressive Taxations and Depolarization
WP-2022-009Rajeswari Sengupta, Lei Lei Son, and Harsh VardhanA Study of the Non-Banking Finance Companies in India
WP-2022-008Ashima Goyal and Rupayan PalGlobal Shocks and International Policy Coordination
WP-2022-007Vikash Vaibhav and K. V. Ramaswamy Does the creation of smaller states lead to higher economic growth? Evidence from state reorganization in India
WP-2022-006Digvijay S NegiGlobal Food Price Surge, In-Kind Transfers, and Household Welfare Evidence from India
WP-2022-005Nidhi Aggarwal, Sanchit Arora, Rajeswari SenguptaCapital account openness in India and a comparison with China: Then versus now
WP-2022-004Ashima Goyal and Sritama RayExploring Correlations between Aggregate Demand and Supply Shocks in India
WP-2022-003Ashima GoyalFlexible Inflation Targeting: Concepts and application in India
WP-2022-002Bharti Nandwani, Chandan JainFemale representation in school management and school quality
WP-2022-001Aakriti Mathur, Rajeswari Sengupta, Bhanu PratapSaved by the bell? Equity market responses to surprise Covid-19 lockdowns and central bank interventions
WP-2021-027 Anwesha Basu and C. VeeramaniLabour Share in Indian Economy: An Exploratory Analysis of the Role of Trade, Technology and Structural Transformation
WP-2021-025Ashima GoyalWhat does the COVID-19 experience tell us about Indian growth drivers?
WP-2021-024Srijit MishraHerd immunity, COVID-19 and vaccination: some propositions
WP-2021-023Srijit MishraMethodological and Ethical Concerns in a Study on Effect of COVID-19 Vaccine among Health Care Workers in a Medical College of India
WP-2021-022Ila Patnaik and Rajeswari SenguptaAnalysing India’s Exchange Rate Regime
WP-2021-021Aeimit Lakdawala and Rajeswari Sengupta
Measuring monetary policy shocks in emerging economies: Evidence from India
WP-2021-020Promit Kanti Chaudhuri
Strategic Inattention and Divisionalization in Duopoly
WP-2021-019Sumit ShrivastavProfitability of Behavior Based Price Discrimination
WP-2021-018Nitin Harak and A. Ganesh-KumarPricing Reforms in Natural Gas Sector of India: A Computable
General Equilibrium Analysis
WP-2021-017Sumit ShrivastavPrice Discrimination with Imperfect Consumer Recognition
WP-2021-016Ashima GoyalUsing the snowball effect in Indian post Covid-19 paths to fiscal consolidation
WP-2021-015Karthikeya Naraparaju, S ChandrasekharPoverty Reduction in Rural India during 2004-05 to 2011-12: Role of Growth, Redistribution,and Population Shifts
WP-2021-014Ashima Goyal and Prashant ParabQualitative and Quantitative Central Bank Communications and Professional Forecasts: Evidence from India
WP-2021-013Nidhi Aggarwal, Sanchit Arora and Rajeswari SenguptaCapital account liberalisation in a large emerging economy: An analysis of onshore-offshore arbitrage
WP-2021-012Kajari SahaThe China trade shock and the gender wage gap in India: A district-level analysis
WP-2021-011Ashima Goyal and Prashant ParabEffectiveness of Expectations Channel of Monetary Policy Transmission: Evidence from India
WP-2021-010Ashima Goyal and Abhishek KumarAsymmetry, Terms of Trade and the Aggregate Supply Curve in an Open Economy Model
WP-2021-009S Chandrasekhar, Karthikeya Naraparaju, Ajay SharmaSpatial Disparities in Household Earnings in India: Role of Urbanization, Sectoral Inequalities, and Rural-Urban Differences
WP-2021-008Vikas Charmal and Ashima GoyalLiquidity Management and Monetary Transmission: Empirical
Analysis for India
WP-2021-007Manisha JainIndia’s progress in meeting its climate goals: A comparative analysis using country-reported and external data
WP-2021-006R. Nagaraj, Amey Sapre and Rajeswari SenguptaFour years after the Base-Year Revision: Taking stock of the debate surrounding India’s National Accounts Estimates
WP-2021-006R. Nagaraj, Amey Sapre and Rajeswari SenguptaFour years after the Base-Year Revision: Taking stock of the debate surrounding India’s National Accounts Estimates
WP-2021-005William A. Barnett, Taniya Ghosh and Masudul Hasan AdilIs Money Demand Really Unstable? Evidence from Divisia Monetary Aggregates
WP-2021-004Taniya Ghosh and Prashant Mehul ParabAssessing India’s productivity trends and endogenous growth: New evidence from technology, human capital and foreign direct investment
WP-2021-003Rupayan Pal and Dipti Ranjan PatiPeace over War: Conflict, Contest and Cooperation in Water Sharing
WP-2021-002Tanu Gupta and Digvijay S NegiDaughter vs. Daughter-in-Law: Kinship Roles and Women's Time Use in India
WP-2021-001Krittika Banerjee and Ashima GoyalCurrent Account Imbalances: Exploring Role of Domestic and External Factors for Large Emerging Markets
WP-2020-042Sharada Srinivasan and Sudha NarayananWith a Little Help : Young women farmer experiences in India
WP-2020-041Sudha Narayanan and Sharada Srinivasan
No country for young women farmers: A situation analysis for India
WP-2020-040Sudha Narayanan
Becoming a Young Farmer in Madhya Pradesh, India
WP-2020-039Sudha Narayanan and Shree Saha
Take home rations (THR) and cash transfers for maternal and child nutrition: A synthesis of evidence in India
WP-2020-037Madhuparna GangulyStricter Patent Regime, Scientist Mobility and Innovation
WP-2020-036Ritabrata Bose and K.V. RamaswamyGlobalization and Workforce Composition in Indian Formal Manufacturing: New evidence on product market competition channel
WP-2020-035Megan Sheahan, Yanyan Liu, Sudha Narayanan and Christopher B. BarrettDisaggregated labor supply implications of guaranteed employment in India
WP-2020-034Sudha Narayanan, Christian Oldiges and Shree SahaEmployment Guarantee during Times of COVID-19: Pro-poor and Pro-return-migrant?
WP-2020-033Ritabrata Bose and Ashima GoyalDisaggregated Indian Industrial Cycles: A spectral analysis
WP-2020-032Tanu Gupta and A. Ganesh KumarStructural Equation Approach to Modelling Social Norms in Female Education: A Case Study of India
WP-2020-031Shree Saha, Sudha NarayananA simplified measure of nutritional empowerment Using machine learning to abbreviate the Women’s Empowerment in Nutrition Index (WENI)
WP-2020-030Krittika Banerjee and Ashima GoyalMonetary Spillovers and Real Exchange Rate Misalignments in Emerging Markets
WP-2020-029Rupayan Pal and Dipti Ranjan PatiCorruption vs. Efficiency in Water Allocation under Uncertainty: Is There a Trade-off?
WP-2020-028Mohit Sharma, Sargam Gupta and Xavier EstupinanAn alternate to survey methods to measure work from home
WP-2020-027Rajeswari Sengupta and Harsh VardhanAre more productive banks always better?
WP-2020-026 Ila Patnaik and Rajeswari Sengupta Impact of Covid-19 on Indian Economy: An Analysis of Fiscal Scenarios
WP-2020-025Vasavi Bhatt, S Chandrasekhar, Ajay SharmaRegional Patterns and Determinants of Commuting between Rural and Urban India
WP-2020-024Rajeswari Sengupta and Harsh VardhanProductivity growth in Indian banking: Who did the gains accrue to?
WP-2020-023Vasavi Bhatt, Shweta Grover, Ajay SharmaCOVID-19 Pandemic, Lockdown and the Indian Labour Market: Evidence from PLFS 2017-18
WP-2020-022Xavier Estupinan, Mohit Sharma, Sargam Gupta and Bharti BirlaImpact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Labour Supply and Gross Value Added in India
WP-2020-021Madhuparna GangulyFirms' Intrinsic Motivation and Environmentalism: blessing or burden?
WP-2020-020Gopakumar Achuthankutty and Souvik RoyStrategy-Proof Rules On Partially Single-Peaked Domains
WP-2020-019Manisha JainDrivers of change in India's energy-related carbon dioxide emissions during 1990-2017
WP-2020-018Hardeep Singh, Digvijay S Negi, and Pratap S BirthalUncertain Monsoon, Irrigation and Crop Yields: Implications for Pricing of Insurance Products
WP-2020-017Sudha Narayanan, Shree SahaUrban food markets and the lockdown in India
WP-2020-016Ashima GoyalPost Covid-19: Recovering and Sustaining India’s Growth
WP-2020-015Leena Bhattacharya, S ChandrasekharIndia's Search for Link Language and Progress towards Bilingualism
WP-2020-014Marta Montinaro, Rupayan Pal and Marcella ScrimitorePer unit and ad valorem royalties in a patent licensing game
WP-2020-013S. Mahendra Dev and Rajeswari SenguptaCovid-19: Impact on the Indian Economy
WP-2020-012Akhilesh K Verma and Rajeswari SenguptaInterlinkages between External Debt Financing, Credit Cycles and Output Fluctuations in Emerging Market Economies
WP-2020-011Utso Pal Mustafi (CEMFI, Spain) and Rajeswari Sengupta (IGIDR)Regime changes in India’s monetary policy and Tenures of RBI governors
WP-2020-010Abhishek Dureja and Digvijay S. NegiCoping with the Consequences of Short-Term Illness Shocks: The Role of Intra-Household Labour Substitution
WP-2020-009Digvijay S Negi, Pratap S Birthal, Devesh Roy and Jaweriah HazranaMarket Access, Price Policy and Diversification in Indian Agriculture
WP-2020-008Ashima Goyal and Akhilesh K. VermaCross Border Flows, Financial Intermediation and Interactions of Policy Rules in a Small Open Economy Model
WP-2020-007Sumit ShrivastavNetwork Compatibility, Intensity of Competition and Process R&D : A Generalization
WP-2020-006William A. Barnett, Giovanni Bella, Taniya Ghosh, Paolo Mattana and Beatrice VenturiShilnikov Chaos, Low Interest Rates, and New Keynesian Macroeconomics
WP-2020-005Masudul Hasan Adil and Neeraj R. Hatekar and Taniya GhoshRole of Money in the Monetary Policy: A New Keynesian and New Monetarist Perspective
WP-2020-004A. Ganesh-Kumar and Varun Kumar DasDo Storage and Structural Factors Determine Agricultural Commercialization in India
WP-2020-003Ramesh JangiliProfitability in Emerging Markets: Efficiency or Market Power? A Study of Indian Firms
WP-2020-002Digvijay S. Negi and Bharat RamaswamiInternational Risk Sharing for Food Staples
WP-2020-001Krittika Banerjee and Ashima GoyalEquilibrium Real Exchange Rates and Misalignments in Large Emerging Markets: A Re-look through Panel Cointegrating Estimation
WP-2019-042Varun Kumar Das and A. Ganesh-KumarCommercialization, Diversification and Structural Determinants of Farmers' Income in India
WP-2019-041Sudha Narayanan, Karthikeya Naraparaju, Nicolas GerberSynergies in Social Protection : Impacts of India’s MGNREGA and Public Distribution System on the health and nutrition of Women and Children
WP-2019-040C Veeramani and Garima DhirDynamics and Determinants of Fragmentation Trade: Asian
Countries in Comparative and Long-term Perspective
WP-2019-039Erin Lentz, Elizabeth Bageant, and Sudha NarayananEmpowerment and Nutrition in Niger: Insights from the Women’s Empowerment in Nutrition Grid
WP-2019-038Sudha Narayanan and Nirupam MehrotraLoan Waivers and Bank Credit Reflections on the evidence and the way forward
WP-2019-037Sudha NarayananFood security from free collection of foods Evidence from India
WP-2019-036Ramesh JangiliThe Impact of Size and Group Affiliation in Emerging Markets: A Cost Efficiency Analysis of Indian Firms
WP-2019-035Purna Banerjee and C. VeeramaniExport Competitiveness, Labour Laws, and Gender Differences in Job Dynamics: Analysis of Manufacturing Industries across Indian States
WP-2019-034Radhika Pandey, Rajeswari Sengupta, Aatmin Shah, Bhargavi ZaveriEvolution of capital controls on foreign institutional investment in India
WP-2019-033Shree SahaHistorical Institutions and Electoral Outcomes The case of India after Decolonization
WP-2019-032Varun Kumar Das and A. Ganesh-KumarOff-the-farm Livelihood Choice of Farm Households in India
WP-2019-031Taniya Ghosh, Prashant Mehul Parab, Sohini SahuAnalyzing the importance of Forward Orientation in Financial Development-Growth Nexus: Evidence from Big Data
WP-2019-030Ashima Goyal and Krittika BanerjeeHow far is the Indian nominal exchange rate from equilibrium?
WP-2019-029Barendra Kumar Bhoi, Abhishek Kumar and Prashant Mehul ParabAggregate Demand Management, Policy Errors and Optimal
Monetary Policy in India
WP-2019-028Rupayan Pal and Ruichao SongExternalities, Entry Bias and Optimal Subsidy Policy in Oligopoly
WP-2019-027Ashima Goyal and Deepak Kumar AgarwalPolicy transmission in Indian money markets: The role of liquidity
WP-2019-026Ashima Goyal and Gagan GoelCorrelated Shocks, Hysteresis, and the Sacrifice Ratio: Evidence from India
WP-2019-025Ashima Goyal and Prashant ParabModeling Consumers’ Confidence and Inflation Expectations
WP-2019-024C Veeramani and Garima DhirReaping Gains from Global Production Sharing: Domestic Value Addition and Job Creation by Indian Exports
WP-2019-023Ashima Goyal and Prashant ParabInflation Convergence and Anchoring of Expectations in India
WP-2019-022Dilip M. Nachane, Amlendu DubeyThe Spectral Envelope: An Application to the Decoupling Problem in Economics
WP-2019-021Siddhartha Chattopadhyay, Taniya GhoshTaylor Rule Implementation of the Optimal Policy at the Zero Lower Bound: Does the Cost Channel Matter?
WP-2019-020Sudha Narayanan, Erin Lentz, Marzia Fontana, Anuradha De, and Bharati KulkarniThe Women’s Empowerment in Nutrition Index
WP-2019-019Ashima Goyal, Abhishek KumarIndian Growth is Not Overestimated: Mr. Subramanian You Got it Wrong
WP-2019-018Sanjoy Chakravorty, S Chandrasekhar, Karthikeya NaraparajuLand Distribution, Income Generation & Inequality in India's Agricultural Sector
WP-2019-017Barendra Kumar Bhoi and C.L. Dadhich
Agrarian Distress in India: Possible Solutions
WP-2019-016Parul Bhardwaj and Abhishek Kumar Determinants of Firm-Level Investment in India: Does Size Matter?
WP-2019-015K.V.RamaswamyWhere Have All the Factories Gone? : Growth and Concentration of Sub-National Manufacturing Activity in India
WP-2019-014Satya R. Chakravarty, Manipushpak Mitra, Suresh Mutuswami and Rupayan PalMeasuring electoral competitiveness: A probability ratio index
WP-2019-013Ashima Goyal, Rajeswari Sengupta and Akhilesh VermaExternal Debt Financing and Macroeconomic Instability in Emerging Market Economies
WP-2019-012Aakriti Mathur and Rajeswari SenguptaAnalysing monetary policy statements of the Reserve Bank of India
WP-2019-011Nidhi Aggarwal, Venkatesh Panchapagesan and Susan ThomasWhen do regulatory interventions work?
WP-2019-010Ashima Goyal and Abhishek KumarNews, Noise and Indian Business Cycle
WP-2019-009Ashima Goyal and Akhilesh VermaEmerging markets perspectives on G-20 led financial reforms
WP-2019-008Ashima GoyalWhat Explains the Volatility of India’s Catch-up Growth?
WP-2019-007Ashima GoyalPrice discovery in Indian government securities market, monetary management and the cost of government borrowing
WP-2019-006Sudha Narayanan, Judhajit ChakrabortyLand as collateral in India
WP-2019-005Erin C Lentz, Sudha Narayanan, Anuradha DeLast and least Findings on intrahousehold undernutrition from participatory research in South Asia
WP-2019-004Sudha Narayanan, Udayan Rathore, Mohit SharmaWomen’s nutritional empowerment and their well-being Identifying key drivers in India and Bangladesh
WP-2019-003Sudha Narayanan, Marzia Fontana, Erin Lentz, and Bharati KulkarniRural women’s empowerment in nutrition: a proposal for diagnostics linking food, health and institutions
WP-2019-002Ashima Goyal and Prashant ParabModeling Heterogeneity and Rationality of Inflation Expectations across Indian Households
WP-2019-001Taniya Ghosh, Prashant Mehul ParabTesting the Friedman-Schwartz Hypothesis Using Time Varying
Inclusiveness and Sustainability
WP-2018-024Swapnil SharmaCompetition in Two Sided Markets with Congestion
WP-2018-023Varun Kumar DasLooking Beyond the Farm and Household: Determinants of On-farm Diversification in India
WP-2018-022Ashima Goyal Insights from Behavioral Economics on Current Policy Issues
WP-2018-021Ashima Goyal Indian Banks and the Prevention of Corruption Act: Freedom and discipline
WP-2018-020Ashima Goyal and Abhishek KumarMoney and Business Cycle: Evidence From India
WP-2018-019Ashima GoyalEvaluating India's exchange rate regime under global shocks
WP-2018-018Ashima Goyal and Vaishnavi SharmaPortfolio Composition and Valuation Effects in Emerging Market Economies
WP-2018-017Rajeswari Sengupta and Abhijit Sen GuptaAlternate Instruments to Manage the Capital Flow
Conundrum: A Study of Selected Asian Economies
WP-2018-016S Chandrasekhar and Soham SahooShort-term Migration in Rural India: The Impact of Nature and
Extent of Participation in Agriculture
WP-2018-015Madhuparna Ganguly and Rupayan PalSignaling through Public Antitrust Enforcement: A Generalization
WP-2018-014Chandan KumarEffects of Contract Governance on Public Private Partnership (PPP) Performance
WP-2018-013Chandan KumarRole of Bidding Method and Risk Allocation in the Performance of Public Private Partnership (PPP) Projects
WP-2018-012Chandan KumarOpportunism and Hold-up in the Incomplete Public Private Partnership (PPP) Contracts
WP-2018-011Rupayan Pal, A.M.T. Hussain and Prasenjit BanerjeeGreen firm, brown roduction
WP-2018-010Ashima Goyal
The Indian Fiscal-Monetary Framework: Dominance or
WP-2018-009Piuli Roy ChowdhuryA new model of mergers and innovation
WP-2018-008Shubhro Sarkar and Suchismita TarafdarInvestment Choice with Managerial Incentive Schemes
WP-2018-007Ashima Goyal The Growth Slowdown and the Working of Inflation Targeting in India
WP-2018-005Ashima Goyal and Abhishek KumarActive Monetary Policy and the Slowdown: Evidence from DSGE Based Indian Aggregate Demand and Supply
WP-2018-004Taniya Ghosh and Sanika Sulochani RamanayakeWomen Empowerment and Good Times: Which One Leads to the Other?
WP-2018-003S.Mahendra DevInequality, Employment and Public Policy
WP-2018-002K.V.RamaswamyTechnological Change, Automation and Employment: A Short Review of Theory and Evidence
WP-2018-001Arpita Pattanaik and Rajeswari SenguptaBusiness cycle effect on leverage: A study of Indian non-financial firms
WP-2017-023 Nidhi Aggarwal and Sudha NarayananImpact of India's demonetization on domestic agricultural markets
WP-2017-022 Nidhi Aggarwal and Susan Thomas

Response of firms to listing: evidence from SME exchanges
WP-2017-021Sudha Narayanan, Nicolas Gerber, Udayan Rathore, Karthikeya NaraparajuCan social safety nets protect public health? The effect of India's workfare and foodgrain subsidy programmes on anaemia
WP-2017-020S Chandrasekhar, Mukta Naik, Shamindra Nath RoyOn the Importance of Triangulating Datasets to Examine Indians on the Move
WP-2017-019Rajeswari Sengupta and Harsh VardhanNon-performing assets in Indian Banks: This time it is different
WP-2017-018S. Mahendra DevRecent Changes in Measurement of India’s GDP:
Overall Issues and Some Focus on Agriculture
WP-2017-017Ashima Goyal and Deepak Kumar AgarwalMonetary transmission in India: Working of price and quantum channels
WP-2017-016Ashima Goyal and Vaishnavi SharmaEstimating the Relationship between the Current Account, the Capital Account and Investment for India
WP-2017-015Amey Sapre and Rajeswari SenguptaAn analysis of revisions in
Indian GDP data
WP-2017-014Ashima Goyal and Akhilesh VermaSlowdown in bank credit growth: Aggregate demand or bank non-performing assets?
WP-2017-013Varun Kumar Das and A. Ganesh-KumarDrivers of farmers’ income:
The role of farm size and diversification
WP-2017-011Dilip M. Nachane, Aditi ChaubalThe Plutocratic Bias in the Indian CPI
WP-2017-010Taniya Ghosh and Soumya BhaduryMoney's Causal Role in Exchange Rate: Do Divisia Monetary
Aggregates Explain More?
WP-2017-009Sanika Sulochani Ramanayake and Chandana Shrinath WijetungaRethinking the Development of Post-War Sri Lanka Based on the Singapore Model
WP-2017-008C Veeramani and Garima DhirDomestic Value Added Content of India's Exports: Estimates for 112
Sectors, 1999-2000 to 2012-13
WP-2017-007Taniya Ghosh, Sohini Sahu, Siddhartha ChattopadhyayHouseholds’ Inflation Expectations in India: Role of Economic Policy
Uncertainty and Global Financial Uncertainty Spill-over
WP-2017-006Renuka SaneStock market participation in the aftermath of an accounting scandal
WP-2017-005Ashima Goyal and Abhishek KumarThe effect of oil shocks and cyclicality in hiding Indian twin deficits
WP-2017-004Apurva Dey, Arun Kumar Kaushik and Rupayan PalProbabilistic Patents, Alternative Damage Rules and Optimal Trade Policy
WP-2017-003Ashima Goyal and Abhishek KumarA DSGE Model-Based Analysis of the Indian Slowdown
WP-2017-002C. Veeramani, Lakshmi A, Prachi GuptaIntensive and Extensive Margins of Exports: What Can India Learn
from China?
WP-2017-001Sanika Sulochani Ramanayake and Taniya GhoshRole of Gender Gap in Economic Growth: Analysis on Developing
Countries versus OECD Countries
WP-2016-030 S Chandrasekhar, P. Geetha Rani, Soham SahooHousehold Expenditure on Higher Education in India: What do we know & What do recent data have to say?
WP-2016-029 S. Mahendra DevThe Problem of Inequality
WP-2016-028 Sanjoy Chakravorty, S Chandrasekhar, Karthikeya NaraparajuIncome Generation and Inequality in India's Agricultural Sector: The Consequences of Land Fragmentation
WP-2016-027 Sudha Narayanan, Upasak Das, Yanyan Liu, Christopher B. Barrett"Discouraged Worker Effect" in Public Works Programs:Evidence from the MGNREGA in India
WP-2016-026 Nidhi Aggarwal, Sargam Jain, Sudha NarayananThe long road to transformation of agricultural markets in India: Lessons from Karnataka
WP-2016-025Anirudh Burman and Bhargavi Zaveri
Regulatory responsiveness in India: A normative and empirical framework for assessment
WP-2016-024Shovan Ray, A. Ganesh Kumar, Sumana Chaudhuri
Integrated Model of Computable General Equilibrium and Social Cost Benefit Analysis of an Indian Oil Refinery: Future Projections and Macroeconomic Effects
WP-2016-023Sanika Sulochani Ramanayake & Keun LeeDifferential Impacts of Currency Undervaluation on Growth and Exports in Natural Resource vs. Manufacturing Exporting Countries
WP-2016-022Ashima GoyalAbductive Reasoning in Macroeconomics
WP-2016-021B.Sudhakara Reddy and Arpit TiwariPICKING THE WINNER: MEASRUING URBAN
WP-2016-020Mili Naskar and Rupayan PalNetwork Externalities and Process R&D: A Cournot-Bertrand Comparison
WP-2016-019Renuka Sane and Susan Thomas From participation to repurchase: Low income households and micro-insurance
WP-2016-018Rajeswari Sengupta, Anjali Sharma, Susan ThomasEvolution of the insolvency framework for non-financial firms in India
WP-2016-017Prasenjit Banerjee, Rupayan Pal, and Jason F. ShogrenHonor and Stigma in Mechanisms for Environmental Protection
WP-2016-016Jayati Sarkar and Subrata SarkarBank Ownership, Board Characteristics and Performance: Evidence from Commercial Banks in India
WP-2016-015Subrata SarkarCompliance in Letter and Compliance in Spirit? - Evidence from Board and Audit Committee Meetings in India
WP-2016-013Taniya GhoshOil Price, Exchange Rate and the Indian Macro Economy
WP-2016-012Siddhartha Chattopadhyay ,Taniya GhoshCost Channel, Interest Rate Pass-Through and Optimal Policy under Zero Lower Bound
WP-2016-011Sumana Chaudhuri , Shovan RaySocial and Economic Impact Analysis of Vadinar Refinery of Essar Oil: The Case of a Mega Refinery
WP-2016-010Rupayan Pal and Marcella ScrimitoreTacit Collusion and Market Concentration under Network Effects
WP-2016-008Prachi Mishra, Peter Montiel, Rajeswari SenguptaMonetary Transmission in Developing Countries: Evidence from India
WP-2016-007K.V. RamaswamySize Dependent Tax incentives, Threshold Effects and Horizontal Subcontracting in Indian Manufacturing: Evidence from Factory and Firm-level Panel Data Sets
WP-2016-006Pratik DattaTowards a Tribunal Services Agency
WP-2016-005K. P. Krishnan, Venkatesh Panchapagesan and Madalasa VenkataramanDistortions in land markets and their implications to credit generation in India
WP-2016-003Shreya BiswasSmall World of Inter-Firm Network and Firm's Acquisition Behaviour
WP-2016-002Mahinda WijesiriWeathering the storm: Ownership structure and performance of microfinance institutions in the wake of the global financial crisis
WP-2016-001Rajeswari Sengupta; Abhijit Sen Gupta Is there a Case for Exchange Rate Coordination in South Asia?
WP-2015-035Siva Ramann, Renuka Sane and Susan Thomas Reforming personal insolvency law in India
WP-2015-034Runu BhaktaEducational Attainment of Young Adults in India: Measures, Trends & Determinants
WP-2015-033Anirudh Burman and Shubho RoyBuilding an institution of insolvency practitioners in India
WP-2015-032Ashima Goyal and Bhavyaa SharmaGovernment Expenditure in India: Composition, Cyclicality and Multipliers
WP-2015-031Sudha Narayanan and Nicolas GerberSocial Safety Nets for Food and Nutritional Security in India
WP-2015-030AnushaEvaluating Reliability of Some Symmetric and Asymmetric Univariate Filters
WP-2015-029Rajeswari Sengupta, Anjali SharmaCorporate Insolvency Resolution in India: Lessons from a cross-country comparison
WP-2015-028Sandhya GargSpatial Convergence in Public Expenditure across Indian States: Implication of Federal Transfers
WP-2015-027Aparna RaviThe Indian Insolvency Regime in Practice-An Analysis of Insolvency and Debt Recovery Proceedings
WP-2015-026Jayati Sarkar and Ekta SelarkaWomen on Board and Performance of Family Firms: Evidence from India
WP-2015-025Rupayan Pal and Vinay RamaniWill a matchmaker invite her potential rival in?
WP-2015-024Rajeswari Sengupta; Abhijit Sen GuptaPolicy Tradeoffs in an Open Economy and the Role of G-20 in Global Macroeconomic Policy Coordination
WP-2015-023Jayati Sarkar and Subrata SarkarCorporate Social Responsibility in India - An Effort to Bridge the Welfare Gap
WP-2015-022Subrata SarkarThe Comply-or-Explain Approach for Enforcing Governance Norms
WP-2015-021Ashima GoyalPayment systems to facilitate South Asian integration
WP-2015-020Jitendra AswaniAnalyzing the Impact of Global Financial Crisis on the Interconnectedness of Asian Stock Markets using Network Science
WP-2015-019Geeta GargImpact of Trilemma Indicators on Macroeconomic Policy: Does Central Bank Independence Matter?
WP-2015-018Purna Banerjee and C. VeeramaniTrade Liberalisation and Women's Employment Intensity: Analysis of India's Manufacturing Industries
WP-2015-017Soumya Suvra Bhadury, Taniya GhoshReassessing Exchange Rate Overshooting in a Monetary Framework
WP-2015-016William A. Barnett, Soumya Suvra Bhadury, Taniya GhoshA SVAR Approach to Evaluation of Monetary Policy in India
WP-2015-015Andaleeb RahmanUniversal food security program and nutritional intake: Evidence from the hunger prone KBK districts in Odisha
WP-2015-014Ashima GoyalFinancial stability: Underlining context
WP-2015-013Kapil Narula, B. Sudhakara Reddy and Shonali PachauriSustainable Energy Security For India : An Assessment of Energy Demand Sub-system
WP-2015-012Rohini GroverThe informational role of algorithmic traders in the option market
WP-2015-011Ashima GoyalForeign Exchange Markets, Intervention and Exchange Rate Regimes
WP-2015-010Nidhi AggarwalLimits to arbitrage: the case of single stock futures and spot prices
WP-2015-009Anomita Ghosh and Rupayan PalWelfare Ranking of Alternative Export Tariffs Revisited
WP-2015-008B.Sudhakara ReddyMeasuring and Evaluating Energy Security and Sustainability: A Case Study of India
WP-2015-007Tushar Agrawal, S .ChandrasekharShort Term Migrants in India: Characteristics, Wages and Work Transition
WP-2015-006Ashima Goyal and Shruti TripathiSeparating Shocks from Cyclicality in Indian Aggregate Supply
WP-2015-005Rajeswari SenguptaThe Impossible Trinity: Where does India stand?
WP-2015-004Soumyanetra MunshiOn Government-Industry Nexus And Indigenous Armed Resistance
WP-2015-003Ashima Goyal and Shruti TripathiStability and Transitions in Emerging Market Policy Rules
WP-2015-002John D. Burger, Rajeswari Sengupta, Francis E. Warnock, Veronica C. WarnockU.S. Investment in Global Bonds: As the Fed Pushes, Some EMEs Pull
WP-2015-001Sudha NarayananThe Productivity of Agricultural Credit in India
WP-2014-050Karthikeya NaraparajuImpediments to Contract Enforcement in Day Labour Markets: A Perspective from India
WP-2014-049Runu BhaktaImpact of Public Spending on Health and Education of Children in India: A Panel Data Simultaneous Equation Model
WP-2014-048C. Rangarajan and S.Mahendra DevCounting the Poor: Measurement and Other Issues
WP-2014-047Soumyanetra MunshiStudent Politics: A Game-Theoretic Exploration
WP-2014-046Ashima GoyalExternal Shocks
WP-2014-045Mousumi DasMeasures, Spatial Profile and Determinants of Dietary Diversity:Evidence from India
WP-2014-044Tirtha Chatterjee and A. Ganesh-KumarNeighborhood and agricultural clusters across states of India
WP-2014-042Sudha Narayanan,Krushna Ranaware,Upasak Das and Ashwini KulkarniMGNREGA WORKS AND THEIR IMPACTS - A Rapid Assessment in Maharashtra
WP-2014-041S.Mahendra DevCreating Youth Employment in Asia
WP-2014-040Abhijit Sen Gupta, Rajeswari SenguptaCapital Flows and Capital Account Management in Selected Asian Economies
WP-2014-039Anomita Ghosh and Rupayan PalStrategic Trade Policy for Network Goods Oligopolies
WP-2014-038Sripad MotiramThe Cult of Statistical Significance - A Review
WP-2014-037Rupayan Pal and Udayan RathoreEstimating Workers' Bargaining Power and Firms' Markup in India: Implications of Reforms and Labour Regulations
WP-2014-036Runu Bhakta and A. Ganesh-KumarLinkages between Parental Education, Utilization of Health Care Facilities and Health Status of Children: Evidence from India
WP-2014-035Tirtha ChaterjeeSpatial convergence and growth in Indian agriculture: 1967-2010
WP-2014-034Sangeetha Gunasekar and Jayati SarkarDoes Autonomy Matter in State Owned Enterprises? - Evidence from Performance Contracts in India
WP-2014-033Ishwarya BalasubramanianLocal Skill Concentrations and District Employment Growth: A Spatial Simultaneous Equation Approach for India
WP-2014-032Sandhya Garg, Ashima Goyal, Rupayan PalWhy Tax Effort Falls Short of Capacity in Indian States: A Stochastic Frontier Approach
WP-2014-031Rohini Grover and Ajay ShahThe imprecision of volatility indexes
WP-2014-030Megan Sheahan, Yanyan Liu, Christopher B. Barrett, Sudha NarayananThe political economy of MGNREGS spending in Andhra Pradesh
WP-2014-029Rajeswari Sengupta, Vaibhav AnandCorporate Debt Market in India: Lessons from the South African Experience
WP-2014-028Ashima GoyalBudget 2014: Marginal realignment of tactics to strategy
WP-2014-027Manish K Singh and S. RamannUser right as a mezzanine capital investment: innovations in infrastructure debt financing
WP-2014-026Sripad Motiram and Karthikeya NaraparajuUnemployment Burden and its Distribution: Theory and Evidence from India
WP-2014-025B.Sudhakara ReddyIndia's Energy Transition - Pathways For Low-Carbon Economy
WP-2014-024Kapil Narula and B. Sudhakara ReddyThree Blind Men and an Elephant: The Case of Energy Indices To Measure Energy Security and Sustainability
WP-2014-023Nidhi Aggarwal and Susan ThomasThe causal impact of algorithmic trading on market quality
WP-2014-022Renuka Sane and Susan ThomasThe way forward for India's National Pension System
WP-2014-021Srijit Mishra Incidence of Poor and Poverty Risk in India across NSS Regions for Rural and Urban areas, 2004-05 and 2009-10
WP-2014-020Nidhi Aggarwal, Sargam Jain and Susan ThomasDo futures markets help in price discovery and risk management for commodities in India?
WP-2014-019Abhijit Sen Gupta, Rajeswari SenguptaIs India Ready for Flexible Inflation-Targeting?
WP-2014-018K.V.RamaswamySmall Enterprises in Indian Manufacturing and Inclusive Growth:Search for Compensatory Mechanisms
WP-2014-017Sudha Narayanan and Upasak DasEmployment Guarantee for Women in India Evidence on Participation and Rationing in the MGNREGA from the National Sample Survey
WP-2014-016S Chandrasekhar, Ajay SharmaUrbanization and Spatial Patterns of Internal Migration in India
WP-2014-015Ajay Sharma and S ChandrasekharGrowth of the Urban Shadow, Spatial Distribution of Economic Activities and Commuting by Workers in Rural and Urban India
WP-2014-014Ashima Goyal and Akash Kumar BaikarPsychology, cyclicality or social programs: Rural wage and inflation dynamics in India
WP-2014-013Rajeswari SenguptaFirm Dollar Debt and Central Bank Dollar Reserves: Empirical Evidence from Latin America
WP-2014-012Andaleeb RahmanRevival of Rural PDS: Expansion and Outreach
WP-2014-011C Veeramani and Prachi GuptaExtensive and Intensive Margins of India's Exports: Comparison with China
WP-2014-010Satyendra Kumar Gupta and Ashima GoyalReserve Currencies: Can Multiplicity Work?
WP-2014-009S. Chandrasekhar, Mousumi Das, Ajay Sharma Short-term Migration and Consumption Expenditure of Households in Rural India
WP-2014-008Shivangi Chandel and Shubhro SarkarRevenue Non-Equivalence in Multidimensional Procurement Auctions under Asymmetry
WP-2014-007Jugnu Ansari and Ashima GoyalBanks Competition, Managerial Efficiency and the Interest Rate Pass-through in India
WP-2014-006Soumyanetra Munshi'Arranged' Marriage, Education, and Dowry: A Contract-Theoretic Perspective
WP-2014-005M.H. Suryanarayana and Mousumi DasThe 'Poorest might catch up': Convergence vs. Pseudo-convergence
WP-2014-004S Chandrasekhar, Ajay SharmaInternal Migration for Education and Employment among Youth in India
WP-2014-003S ChandrasekharReading the Tea Leaves on Financial Inclusion: The Case of Rural Labour Households
WP-2014-002S Chandrasekhar, Ajay SharmaOn the Spatial Concentration of Employment in India
WP-2014-001Abhimanyu Dadu, Namrata GulatiInequality, Neighborhoods and Variation in Prices.
WP-2013-026Sudha NarayananIN THE BALANCE The National Food Security Act vis-A? -vis the WTO Agreement on Agriculture
WP-2013-025Sudha NarayananChoosing Private Schools: Examining Primary School Enrollment Decisions in Rural North India
WP-2013-024DEOKATE TAI BALASAHEBIndia's Sugar Trade: A fresh look
WP-2013-023Sudha Narayanan and Sowmya DhanrajChild Work and Schooling in rural north India : What do time use data say about tradeoffs and drivers of human capital investment?
WP-2013-022Renuka Sane and Susan ThomasIn search of inclusion: informal sector participation in a voluntary, defined contribution pension system
WP-2013-021Natasha Aggarwal, Sanchit Arora, Akhil Behl, Rohini Grover, Shashwat Khanna, Susan ThomasA systematic approach to identify systemically important firms
WP-2013-020Srijit Mishra, Hippu Salk Kristle NathanMeasuring Human Development Index: The old, the new and the elegant
WP-2013-019Subrahmanyam Ganti, Sridhar TelidevaraSector GDP Concentration Bias in the Macro-Money Demand Specification: New Evidence for India
WP-2013-018Ashima GoyalGrowth drivers: ICT and Inclusive Innovations
WP-2013-017Ashima Goyal and Sanchit AroraEstimating the Indian Natural Interest Rate and Evaluating Policy
WP-2013-016A. Mahathi and Rupayan PalCompetition, Strategic Delegation and Delay in Technology Adoption
WP-2013-015Amit Kumar Maurya and Shubhro SarkarBargaining Order and Delays in Multilateral Bargaining with Asymmetric Sellers
WP-2013-014Rupayan PalThe Cournot-Bertrand Profit Differential: A Reversal Result in Network Goods Duopoly
WP-2013-013Renuka Sane, Susan ThomasThe real cost of credit constraints: Evidence from micro-finance
WP-2013-012K.V.RamaswamySize-Dependent Labour Regulations and Threshold Effects: The Case of Contract-worker Intensity in Indian Manufacturing
WP-2013-011DEOKATE TAI BALASAHEBQuantification of yield gaps in different planting types of sugarcane in Maharashtra
WP-2013-010Trishita Bhattacharjee and Rupayan Pal IndiraPrice vs. Quantity in Duopoly with Strategic Delegation: Role of Network Externalities
WP-2013-009Trishita Bhattacharjee and Rupayan PalManagerial Delegation in Monopoly under Network Effects
WP-2013-007Monika Halan, Renuka Sane and Susan ThomasEstimating losses to customers on account of mis-selling life insurance policies in India
WP-2013-006Ashima GoyalAssessing Changes in the Global Financial Architecture from an Emerging Market Perspective
WP-2013-005Sripad Motiram and Karthikeya NaraparajuGrowth and Deprivation in India: What Does Recent Data Say?
WP-2013-004Santosh Anagol, Vijaya Marisetty, Renuka Sane and Buvaneshwaran VenugopalDistribution fees and mutual fund flows: Evidence from a natural experiment in the Indian mutual funds market
WP-2013-003Trishita Bhattacharjee and Rupayan PalManagerial Delegation under Network Effects
WP-2013-001Ashima GoyalSustaining growth: Interests versus institutions
WP-2012-026Hippu Salk Kristle Nathan and Srijit MishraGroup Differential for Attainment and Failure
WP-2012-025Ashima GoyalPurchasing Power Parity, Wages and Inflation in Emerging Markets
WP-2012-024Kausik Gangopadhyay, Atsushi Nishimura and Rupayan PalCo-movement of Skill Premium and Stock Prices
WP-2012-023S. Chandrasekhar and Ajay SharmaOn the Internal Mobility of Indians: Knowledge Gaps and Emerging Concerns
WP-2012-022Andaleeb RahmanCharacterizing Food Prices in India
WP-2012-021Sudha NarayananSafe Gambles? Farmer perceptions of transactional certainty and risk-return tradeoffs in contract farming schemes in southern India
WP-2012-020Sudha NarayananNotional Contracts: The Moral Economy of Contract Farming Arrangements in India
WP-2012-019Sudha NarayananThe Heterogeneous Welfare Impacts of Participation in Contract Farming Schemes: Evidence from Southern India
WP-2012-018Ashima Goyal and Sanchit Arora IndiraDeriving India's Potential Growth from Theory and Structure
WP-2012-017Sripad Motiram; Ashish SinghHow Close Does the Apple Fall to the Tree? Some Evidence on Intergenerational Occupational Mobility from India
WP-2012-016Ashima Goyal and Shruti TripathiRegulations and price discovery: oil spot and futures markets
WP-2012-015Arun Kaushik and Rupayan PalPolitical Strongholds and Budget Allocation for Developmental Expenditure: Evidence from Indian States,1971-2005
WP-2012-014S.Mahendra DevSmall Farmers in India:Challenges and Opportunities
WP-2012-013Rama Pal and Rupayan PalIncome Related Inequality in Financial Inclusion and Role of Banks: Evidence on Financial Exclusion in India
WP-2012-012Renuka Sane and Susan ThomasWhat should regulation do in the field of micro-finance?
WP-2012-011Rajat Tayal and Susan ThomasMeasuring and explaining the asymmetry of liquidity
WP-2012-010Nidhi Aggarwal, Manish Singh and Susan ThomasDo changes in distance-to-default anticipate changes in the credit rating?
WP-2012-009Jayati Sarkar, Subrata Sarkar and Kaustav SenA Corporate Governance Index for Large Listed Companies in India
WP-2012-008RRupayan PalHow much should you own? Cross-ownership and privatization
WP-2012-007K.V. Ramaswamy and Tushar AgrawalServices-led Growth, Employment and Job Quality: A Study of Manufacturing and Service-sector in Urban India
WP-2012-006S. Mahendra DevAgriculture-Nutrition Linkages and Policies in India
WP-2012-005M. Sahoo, Renuka Sane, Susan ThomasHow is financial regulation different for micro-finance?
WP-2012-004Ashima Goyal and Shruti TripathiStability and Policy Rules in Emerging Markets
WP-2012-002Binaykumar Ray and B. Sudhakara ReddyTechnical Productivity Analysis for Cement Industry at Firm Level
WP-2012-001Sarthak Gaurav and Srijit MishraTo Bt or Not to Bt? Risk and Uncertainty Considerations in Technology Assessment
WP-2011-029M. Sahoo and Renuka SaneA regulatory approach to financial product advice and distribution
WP-2011-028Ashima GoyalMonetary Operating Procedures: Principles and the Indian process
WP-2011-027Sarthak Gaurav and Srijit MishraSize-class and Returns to Cultivation in India: A Cold Case Reopened
WP-2011-026Shruti Tripathi and Ashima GoyalRelative Prices, the Price Level and Inflation: Effects of Asymmetric and Sticky Adjustment
WP-2011-025Shubho Roy, Renuka Sane, Susan ThomasAn economic policy and legal analysis of The Micro Finance Institutions (Development & Regulation) Bill, 2011
WP-2011-024Rupayan Pal and Ajay SharmaPolitical Competition and Leadership in Tax Competition
WP-2011-023Srijit MishraFood, Hunger and Ethics
WP-2011-022Hippu Salk Kristle Nathan and B. Sudhakara ReddyUrban Transport Sustainability Indicators ? Application of Multi-view Black-box (MVBB) framework
WP-2011-021Rupayan Pal and Ajay SharmaCompetition for Foreign Capital: Endogenous Objective, Public Investment and Tax
WP-2011-020Altaf Hussain KiraCross-LoC trade in Kashmir: From Line of Control to Line of Commerce
WP-2011-019S ChandrasekharEstimates of Workers Commuting from Rural to Urban and Urban to Rural India: A Note
WP-2011-018Ashima GoyalHistory of Monetary Policy in India since Independence
WP-2011-017Tushar AgrawalReturns to Education in India: Some Recent Evidence
WP-2011-016Nidhi Aggarwal and Susan ThomasWhen do stock futures dominate price discovery?
WP-2011-015Durgesh C. Pathak, Srijit MishraPoverty Estimates in India: Old and New Methods, 2004-05
WP-2011-014S.Mahendra DevClimate Change, Rural Livelihoods and Agriculture (focus on Food Security) in Asia-Pacific Region
WP-2011-013Syam PrasadDeprivation and vulnerability among elderly in India
WP-2011-012Rajendra R. VaidyaThe Determinants of Trade Credit: Evidence from Indian Manufacturing Firms
WP-2011-011Sripad Motiram and Nayantara SarmaPolarization, Inequality and Growth: The Indian Experience
WP-2011-010Sripad Motiram and Lars OsbergDemand or Supply for Schooling in Rural India?
WP-2011-009S. Mahendra Dev and M. VenkatanarayanaYouth Employment and Unemployment in India
WP-2011-008Dharmishta RavalImproving the legal process in enforcement at SEBI
WP-2011-007Renuka Sane and Susan ThomasA policy response to the Indian micro-finance crisis
WP-2011-006Rohini Grover and Susan ThomasLiquidity considerations in estimating implied volatility
WP-2011-005Rupayan Pal and Bibhas SahaMixed Duopoly and Environment
WP-2011-004S. Mahendra DevNREGS and Child Well Being
WP-2011-003S. Mahendra DevRising Food Crisis and Financial Crisis in India:Impact on Women and Children and Ways of Tackling the Problem
WP-2011-002Vincenzo Denicol`yand Luigi A. FranzoniRewarding innovation efficiently: research spill-overs and exclusive IP rights
WP-2011-001Srijit MishraConflict Resolution through Mutuality: Lessons from Bayesian Updating
WP-2010-025Ashima GoyalIndia's fiscal and monetary framework: growth in an opening economy
WP-2010-024Ashima GoyalEvolution of India's exchange rate regime
WP-2010-023B. Sudhakara Reddy and P. BalachandraDynamics of Urban Mobility: A Comparative analysis of megacities of India
WP-2010-022Ashima GoyalThe Future of Financial Liberalization in South Asia
WP-2010-021Tilak Mukhopadhyay and Subrata SarkarRankings of Economics Journals and Departments in India
WP-2010-020Jayati Sarkar and Subrata SarkarAuditor and Audit Committee Independence in India
WP-2010-019PERINI PRAVEENA SRIEconometric Approach to Water Use Estimation in Power Plants
WP-2010-018Rupayan Pal and Bibhas SahaDoes partial privatization improve the environment?
WP-2010-017PERINI PRAVEENA SRIThe Electric Energy-Water Nexus: Managing the Seasonal Linkages of Fresh Water Use in Energy Sector for Sustainable Future
WP-2010-016Rupayan Pal and Bibhas SahaEntry Threats, and Inefficiency in 'Efficient Bargaining'
WP-2010-015Rupayan PalHow much should you own? Cross-ownership and privatization
WP-2010-014Durgesh Chandra PathakPoverty and Inequality in Uttar Pradesh during 1993-94 to 2004-05 A Decomposition Analysis
WP-2010-013Hippu Salk Kristle Nathan and B. Sudhakara ReddySelection Criteria for Sustainable Development Indicators
WP-2010-012Ashima Goyal and Shruti TripathiExtracting Information on Inflation from Consumer and Wholesale Prices and the NKE Aggregate Supply Curve
WP-2010-011Sripad MotiramIncomplete Contracts, Incentives and Economic Power
WP-2010-010Hippu Salk Kristle Nathan and Srijit MishraProgress in Human Development - Are we on the right path?
WP-2010-009Ashima Goyal and Sanchit AroraThe Indian Exchange Rate and Central Bank Action: A GARCH Analysis
WP-2010-008Ajit SinhaOn the Notion of Equilibrium or the Centre of Gravitation in Economic Theory
WP-2010-006Susan ThomasCall auctions: A solution to some difficulties in Indian finance
WP-2010-005Ashima GoyalExchange Rate Regimes and Macroeconomic Performance in South Asia
WP-2010-004C. Veeramani and Gordhan K. SainiImpact of ASEAN-India FTA on India's Plantation Commodities: A Simulation Analysis
WP-2010-003Satya R. Chakravarty and Rupayan PalMeasuring Financial Inclusion: An Axiomatic Approach
WP-2010-002Ashima GoyalRegulatory Structure for Financial Stability and Development
WP-2010-001Rama PalAnalysing Catastrophic OOP Health Expenditure in India: Concepts, Determinants and Policy Implications
WP-2009-008Gordhan K. SainiNon-Tariff Measures Affecting India's Textiles and Clothing Exports: Findings from the Survey of Exporters
WP-2009-007Rupayan PalDelegation and Emission Tax in a Differentiated Oligopoly
WP-2009-006Srijit MishraPoverty and Agrarian Distress in Orissa
WP-2009-005Ashima GoyalAssessing the Fiscal Capacity of Indian Governments
WP-2009-004Ashima GoyalGlobal Financial Architecture: past and present arguments, advice, action
WP-2009-003Ashima GoyalInsecurities of the old and marginalized: Inflation, Oil Shocks, Financial Crisis and Social Security
WP-2009-002Gordhan K. SainiNon-Tariff Measures and Indian Textiles and Clothing Exports
WP-2009-001Rupayan PalTechnology Adoption in a Differentiated Duopoly:Cournot versus Bertrand
WP-2008-030Poonam MehraConflict in Cross Border Mergers: Effect of Firm and Market Size
WP-2008-029C. VeeramaniImpact of Imported Intermediate and Capital Goods on Economic Growth: A Cross Country Analysis
WP-2008-028Rabindra N. Bhattacharya and Rupayan PalEnvironmental Standards as Strategic Outcomes: A Simple Model
WP-2008-027A. Ganesh-Kumar, Ashok Gulati, and Ralph Cummings, Jr.Reforming Foodgrains Management: Achieving Food Security with Cost-Effectiveness
WP-2008-026Vikas KumarNegotiating Constitution for Political Unions
WP-2008-025Manoj PandaEconomic Development in Orissa: Growth Without Inclusion?
WP-2008-024B. Sudhakara Reddy, P. Balachandra and Hippu Salk Kristle NathanAn Entrepreneurship Model for Energy Empowerment of Indian Households: An Eonomic and Policy Analysis
WP-2008-023Vikas KumarA Critical Review of Economic Analyses of Religion
WP-2008-022D. M. Nachane and Amlendu Kumar DubeyThe Vanishing Role of Money in the Macroeconomy: An Empirical Investigation Based On Spectral and Wavelet Analysis
WP-2008-021K.V. RamaswamyWage Inequality in Indian Manufacturing: Is it Trade,Technology or Labour Regulations?
WP-2008-020Srijit Mishra and Hippu Salk Kristle NathanOn A Class of Human Development Index Measures
WP-2008-019M.H. SuryanarayanaInculusive Growth: What is so exclusive about it?
WP-2008-018Hippu Salk Kristle NathanGender-based Indicators in Human Development: Correcting for Missing Women
WP-2008-017P.V. ViswanathExplorations in the Economics of Intertemporal Asset Transfer in Roman Palestine
WP-2008-016Rama JoglekarCan Insurance Reduce Catastrophic Out-of-Pocket Health Expenditure?
WP-2008-015Rupayan PalEstimating the Probability of Trade Union Membership in India:Impact of Communist Parties, Personal Attributes and Industrial Characteristics
WP-2008-014Ashima GoyalThe Natural Interest Rate in Emerging Markets
WP-2008-013Manoj Panda and A. Ganesh-KumarTrade Liberalization, Poverty and Food Security in India Abstract: This paper attempts to assess the impact of trade
WP-2008-012Sandra Polaski, Manoj Panda, A. Ganesh-Kumar, Scott McDonald, and Sherman RobinsPolicy Dilemmas in India: The Impact of Changes in Agricultural Prices on Rural and Urban Poverty
WP-2008-011Binay Kumar Ray and B. Sudhakara ReddyUnderstanding industrial energy use: Physical energy intensity changes in Indian manufacturing sector
WP-2008-010Ashima GoyalThe Structure of Inflation, Information and Labour Markets:Implications for monetary policy
WP-2008-009M.H. SuryanarayanaAgflation and the PDS: Some Issues
WP-2008-008B. Sudhakara Reddy and Gaudenz B. AssenzaThe Great Climate Debate : A Developing Country Perspective
WP-2008-007M. H. SuryanarayanaMorbidity Profiles of Kerala and All-India: An Economic Perspective
WP-2008-006M. H. SuryanarayanaPro-Poor Growth: Illusions of Marriage and Divorce?
WP-2008-005M. H. Suryanarayana and Dimitri SilvaPoverty and Food Insecurity in India: A Disaggregated Regional Profile
WP-2008-004M. H. SuryanarayanaMorbidity and Health Care in Kerala: A Distributional Profile and Implications
WP-2008-003Hippu Salk Kristle Nathan and B. Sudhakara ReddyA conceptual framework for development of sustainable development indicators
WP-2008-002Hippu Salk Kristle Nathan, Srijit MishraOn Measuring Group Differential: Some Further Results
WP-2008-001Hippu Salk Kristle Nathan, Srijit Mishra, and B. Sudhakara ReddyAn Alternative Approach to Measure HDI
WP-2007-020Binay Kumar Ray and B. Sudhakara ReddyDecomposition of Energy Consumption and Energy Intensity in Indian Manufacturing Industries
WP-2007-019Ashima GoyalGovernance in India?s Public Transport Systems:Comparing Indian Railways and Airlines
WP-2007-018P. Balachandra and B. Sudhakara ReddyCommercialisation of Sustainable Energy Technologies
WP-2007-017A. Ganesh Kumar and Gordhan Kumar SainiEconomic Co-operation in South Asia: The Dilemma of SAFTA and Beyond
WP-2007-016Ashima GoyalA General Equilibrium Open Economy Model for Emerging Markets: Monetary Policy with a Dualistic Labor Market
WP-2007-015Ashima GoyalData and Definitions: Underestimating Savings and Investment in an Open Economy
WP-2007-014Srijit MishraRisks, Farmers' Suicides and Agrarian Crisis in India: Is There A Way Out?
WP-2007-013Genevieve TeilHaving Customers Share The Perception Of Quality Differences: One Century Of Debates About Quality Assessments On The French Wine Market
WP-2007-012Sudhakar Yedla and Ram M. ShresthaPrioritization of Strategies to Overcome Barriers for Cleaner and Energy Efficient Alternatives in Urban Transportation : Multi-criteria Approach
WP-2007-011Sudhakar Yedla and Ram M. ShresthaApplication of Analytic Hierarchy Process to Prioritize Urban Transport Options : Comparative Analysis of Group Aggregation Methods
WP-2007-010Sudhakar YedlaStrategies for the Replication of Urban Environmental Innovations : A Case of Community-based Decentralized Composting in Dhaka
WP-2007-009Sudhakar YedlaChoosing between Global and Local Emission Control Strategies in Urban Transport Sector, Which way to go?
WP-2007-008S Chandrasekhar and Abhiroop MukhopadhyayMultidimensions of Urban Poverty:Evidence from India
WP-2007-007P. Balachandra and B. Sudhakara ReddyTechnology portfolio analysis for residential lighting
WP-2007-006S Chandrasekhar, Abhiroop Mukhopadhyay, Rajendra R VaidyaInvestigating Product Cycles Using Indian Import Data
WP-2007-005C.S. Shylajan and G. MythiliCommunity Dependence on Non-timber Forest Products: A Household Analysis and its Implication for Forest Conservation
WP-2007-004P. Balachandra and B. Sudhakara ReddyHydrogen Energy For Indian Transport Sector: A Well-To-Wheel Techno-Economic and Environmental Feasibility Analysis
WP-2007-003B. Sudhakara ReddyBarriers and Drivers to Energy Efficiency: A new Taxonomical Approach
WP-2007-002P. V. ViswanathThe Use of Real Estate for the Settlement of Claims in Roman Palestine
WP-2007-001Srijit MishraAgrarian Scenario in Post-reform India: A Story of Distress, Despair and Death, January 2007.
WP-2006-015RAshima GoyalIncentives from Exchange Rate Regimes in an Institutional Context Click For Previous Version
WP-2006-014Ashima GoyalDistant Labour Supply, Skills and Induced Technical Change
WP-2006-013Ashima GoyalThe Impact of ICT in Making Global Markets More Inclusive
WP-2006-012Ashima Goyal and Arjun SinghThrough a Glass Darkly: Deciphering the Impact of Oil Price Shocks
WP-2006-011A. Ganesh-Kumar, Manoj Panda and Mary E. BurfisherReforms in Indian Agro-processing and Agriculture Sectors in the Context of Unilateral and Multilateral Trade Agreements
WP-2006-010Vijay Laxmi and Olaf ErensteinAssessing the Impact of International Natural Resource Management Research: The Case of Zero Tillage in India?s Rice-Wheat Systems
WP-2006-009G. MythiliSupply Response of Indian Farmers: Pre and Post Reforms
WP-2006-008R. RadhakrishnaFood Consumption and Nutritional Status in India: Emerging Trends and Perspectives
WP-2006-007R. Radhakrishna, K. Hanumantha Rao, C. Ravi and B. Sambi ReddyEstimation and Determinants of Chronic Poverty in India: An Alternative Approach
WP-2006-006K. N. Murty and A. SoumyaEffects of Public Investment in Infrastructure on Growth and Poverty in India
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