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PP-074P.G. Babu, S. Mahendra Dev, A. Ganesh-Kumar
Background Paper for IGIDR Symposium on “Future of India”
PP-073Goyal, AshimaMonetary Policy: Implications for Inclusive Growth. UNDP working paper. 2014. Available at http://www.in.undp.org/content/dam/india/docs/human-development/monetary-policy-implications-for-inclusive-growth.pdf
PP-072Goyal, AshimaSouth and South-West Asia Project Report and Development Paper 1403. 2014. Available at http://www.unescap.org/sites/default/files/Development%20Paper_1403.pdf
PP-071Goyal, Ashima'Understanding High Inflation Trend in India'. ADB South Asia project report and Working Paper, no. 24. 2014. Available at http://www.adb.org/sites/default/files/publication/110978/south-asia-wp-024.pdf
PP-070Goyal, AshimaFinancial Regulation and the G 20: Options for India, 2011, for ICRIER-Ministry of Finance Project on G-20
PP-069S Mahendra Dev and Srijit Mishra (Coordinators)Strengthening the Role of Agriculture for a Nutrition Secure India
PP-068S Mahendra Dev, PK Joshi, Suneetha Kadiyala and Srijit Mishra (Coordinators)Policy Options and Investment Priorities for Accelerating Agricultural Growth in India
PP-066Goyal, AshimaInflation pressures in South Asia, UN-ESCAP Project Report, 2011 http://www.unescap.org/pdd/publications/workingpaper/wp_11_14.pdf
PP-065Goyal, AshimaAsian clearing union: Current status and the way forward, Asian Development Bank Project Report, 2011
PP-064Goyal, AshimaHistory of monetary policy in India since independence: Report for 2010-11, P.B. Brahmananda Memorial Research Grant Award, 2011 http://www.igidr.ac.in/pdf/publication/WP-2011-018.pdf
PP-063Goyal, Ashima ; Ayappan, R ; Samantaraya, AmareshMonetary policy, forex markets, and feedback under uncertainty in an open economy, Department of Economic Analysis and Policy, Reserve Bank of India, Study No. 32, 2009 http://www.rbi.org.in/scripts/publicationsview.aspx?id=11580
PP-062Sushanta K. Mallick, Srijit Mishra and Rajluxmi V. Murthy (Coordinators)Quantitative Approaches to Public Policy - Conference in Honour of Professor T. Krishna Kumar
PP-061G. MythiliAcreage and Yield Response for Major Crops in the Pre- and Post-Reform Periods in India: A Dynamic Panel Data Approach, January 2008
PP-060Vinod Kumar Sharma (Project Leader)State of Environment Report for Maharashtra, Ministry of Environment and Forests, Government of India and Maharashtra Pollution Control Board, 2007.
PP-059R. Radhakrishna (Chairman)Report of the Expert Group on Agricultural Indebtedness, Ministry of Finance, Government of India, July 2007.
PP-058D. Narasimha Reddy and Srijit Mishra (Coordinators)Agrarian Crisis in India: Seminar Papers, 2007 (To be uploaded soon).
PP-057R. Radhakrishna and Manoj Panda (Coordinators)Macroeconomics of Poverty Reduction: India Case Study, Funded by United Nations Development Programme, 2006.
PP-056A. Ganesh-Kumar, Ashok Gulati, Ralph Cummings Jr.Foodgrains Policy and Management in India: Responding to Today's Challenges and Opportunities, Funded by International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI), New Delhi, March 2007
PP-055Srijit MishraSuicide of Farmers in Maharashtra, Report Submitted to the Government of Maharashtra, January 2006.
PP-054Manoj Panda, Srijit Mishra,Sangita Kamdar and Mallikarjun TondareEvaluation of Food-for-Work (FFW) Component of Sampoorna Grameen Rozgar Yojana (SGRY) in Selected Districts Maharashtra, Report Submitted to the Planning Commission, Government of India, April 2005.
PP-053Manoj Panda and Srijit MishraPoverty Reduction Strategy as Implementation of the Right to Development in Maharashtra, Report Submitted to the Centre for Development and Human Rights, New Delhi, February 2005.
PP-052Shikha Jha and P.V. SrinivasanIndia -Reforming Farm Support Policies for Grains,Report prepared for IGIDR – ERS/ USDA Project: Indian Agricultural Markets and Policy, January 2006.
PP-051BP.V.SrinivasanImpact of Trade Liberalization on India's Oilseed and Edible oils Sector, Report prepared for IGIDR-ERS/USDA Project: Indian Agricultural Markets and Policy, February 2005.
PP-051ASudhakar Yedla, Jyoti K. Parikh and Anjana DasAnalysis of Technical Options for Mitigating Environmental Emissions from the Urban Transport System in Selected Asian Countries: Case Study of Delhi and Mumbai. Funded by Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida) and Coordinated by Asian Institute of Technology, 2002
PP-050Ashima GoyalReducing Endogenous Amplification of Shocks from Capital Flows in Developing Countries, funded by the Governments of the United Kingdom and the Netherlands, the International Monetary Fund, and the World Bank, implemented by Global Development Network (GDN), 2004-05.
PP-049Kirit S. Parikh,A.Ganesh-Kumar & Gangadhar Darbha
PP-048Jyoti Parikh et alRural Energy and Health Impacts, Report prepared for the Ministry of Environment and Forests, New Delhi, 2000.
PP-047Manoj Panda and A. Ganesh-KumarExperience with the Uruguay Round Agreement on Agriculture: India, Report prepared for the Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO), Rome, 2000.
PP-046A. Ganesh-Kumar and Rajendra VaidyaWhere do India's Exports Face Greates Obstacles? ,Report prepared for the World Bank, Washington, D.C., 2000.
PP-045Veena MishraIndia's exports, 1950-1997: Report prepared for the Asian Development Bank, Manila, 1998.
PP-044V. K SharmaDevelopment of climate change impact model for India (Water resources sector), Submitted to the National Institute for Environmental Studies, Japan Environment Agency, March 1998.
PP-043V. K Sharma (Ed.)Coastal cities of India: Responding to environmental and socio-economic issues of concern. Proceedings of the conference sponsored by the International Federation of Institute for Advanced Study and Inter Research Centre, Canada, organized at IGIDR, Mumbai July 1997.
PP-042V. K SharmaDevelopment of climate change impact model for India (Agriculture sector), Submitted to the National Institute for Environmental Studies, Japan Environment Agency, Dec 1996.
PP-041V. K SharmaInternational trade and recycling of waste paper: Enviro and socio-economic aspects in India. Report prepared at World Bank and submitted to Asia Foundation under Environmental Fellowship programme of US-AEP, Jan 1995.
PP-040P.V. Srinivasan ,Shikha JhaImpact of Recent Policy Changes and Globalization on the Agricultural Sector and Agricultural Research in India
PP-039Shikha Jha and P.V. SrinivasanGrain Price Stabilization Policies in India, Report prepared for the World Bank, 1997.
PP-038A. Ganesh-Kumar ,Kunal Sen,Rajendra R. VaidyaFinance and Changing Trade Patterns in Developing Countries: A Case Study of India, Report submitted to the International Development Research Centre (IDRC), Canada, 1998.
PP-037Anindya Sen and D. N Sengupta (ed)Proceedings of the conference on economic foundations of strategic management (Restricted circulation), Mumbai, IGIDR, 1997.
PP-036Jyoti K. Parikh,J. P. Painuly and K. BhattacharyaEnvironmentally sound energy efficient strategies: A case study of the power sector in India, Report submitted to UNEP Collaborating Centre on Energy and Environment, RISO, Denmark, 1996.
PP-035J.P.Painuly and Ibrahim Abdul HamidDemand Side Management Options (DSM) for Hotel Industry in Malaysia, Funded by University Utara Maylaysia, May 1996.
PP-034J. P. Painuly (ed)Proceedings of the national consultation on environmental issues in agriculture and rural credit, Mumbai, IGIDR, 1995.
PP-033Painuly, J.PEconomic instruments: Application to environmental problems
PP-032J. P. Painuly,Jyoti K. Parikh,P. E. M. Lammers and J. F. FeenstraThematic paper: Climate change
PP-031Jyoti K. Parikh,J. P. Painuly and K. BhattacharyaEnvironmentally sound energy development strategies for the state of Maharashtra.
PP-030Ashima Goyal,Pradeep Agarwal,Kunal Sen,Subir Gokarn,Rajedra R. Vaidya,K.S.ParikhFinancial sector reform in India,
PP-029V. K. SharmaEnvironmental accounting for India: Some case studies.
PP-028V. K. SharmaDevelopment of climate change impact model for India.
PP-027V. K. SharmaInternational trade and recyling in developing countries: The case of waste paper trade in India.
PP-026Pradeep Agarwal,Subir Gokarn,Veena Mishra,Kirit S. Parikh and Kunal SenPolicies for industrial competitiveness: What India can learn from the East Asian experience.
PP-025V. K. SharmaInternational trade and recyling of waste paper: Environmental & socioeconomic impacts in India.
PP-024Jyoti K. Parikh,Manoj Panda,R. Ramanathan,P. Tiwari and N. S. MurthyStructural transformation processes towards sustainable development in India: Macroeconomic scenarios and analysis of transport and construction sector, Report prepared for INFRAS, Zurich, 1996.
PP-023S. Mahendra Dev and Ajit RanadePublic expenditure in Indian agriculture: a review. Report submitted to CEM, World Bank, Washington D.C, 1996.
PP-022Madhura Swaminathan,S. Geetha,Sagar Koparkar and G. S. HaripriyaA comprehensive plan of development schemes for Dahanu Taluk, Thane district, Maharashtra, 1996.
PP-021S. Mahendra DevAgricultural policy framework for Maharashtra issues and options, IGIDR, 1996.
PP-020P. G. Babu,S. Geetha and S. Mahendra DevProject on land consolidation: Instructions manual, questionnaire and coding scheme, IGIDR, Mumbai.
PP-019B. Sudhakara ReddyEnergy efficient options: Techno-economic potentials for metigating greenhouse gas emissions: Report prepared for Energy Management Centre, Ministry of Power, Govt of India.
PP-018Kirit S. Parikh,Jyoti K. Parikh,T. R. Muraleedharan and Nandini HadkarEconomic valuation of air quality degradation in Chembur, Bombay, India: IGIDR project report,
PP-017Jyoti K. Parikh,V. K. Sharma,Upal Ghosh and Manoj K. PandaTrade and environment linkages: A case study of India: Report prepared for UNCTAD, 1995.
PP-016Kirit S. Parikh,N. S. S. Narayana,Manoj K. Panda,A. Ganesh KumarStrategies for agricultural liberalisation: Consequences for growth, welfare and distribution. IGIDR project report, Bombay, IGIDR, 1995.
PP-015Jyoti K. Parikh,J. P. PainulyCompressed natural gas (CNG) in transport sector: Techno-economic assessment for India, report submitted to ICICI (under PACER programme). This was subsequently brought out as a discussion paper (no.49), 1991.
PP-014J.K.Parikh,Kirit S. Parikh,Subir Gokarn,J.P.Painuly,Bibhas Saha,Vibhooti ShuklaConsumption patterns: The driving force of environmental stress. Report prepared for United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED), 1991.
PP-013Kirit S. Parikh, Jyoti K. Parikh, V. K. Sharma and J. P. PainulyNatural resource accounting: A framework for India, report prepared for the ministry of environment and forest and United nations development programme (UNDP), 1993.
PP-012Kirit S. Parikh,Manoj K. Panda and N. S. MurthyModelling framework for sustainable development: Integrating environmental considerations into economic planning. Report prepared for ESCAP, Bombay, IGIDR, 1993.
PP-011Jyoti K. Parikh,J. P. Painuly and Kankar BhattacharyaEnvironmentally sound energy development strategies for the state of Maharashtra: Report submitted to UNEP Collaborating Centre for Energy and Environment, RISO, 1994.
PP-010J. P. Painuly (ed)Proceedings of the national consultation on environmental issues in agriculture and rural credit, sponsored by NABARD, organized by IGIDR, Apr, 15-16, 1994, 1995.
PP-009B. S. Panesar,A. P. Bhatnagar,Jyoti K. Parikh and J. P. PainulyModelling energy - agricultural interactions: a case study of Punjab state, Rural energy project paper, 1989.
PP-008D. Lahiri,R. N. Chattopadhyay,J. P. Painuly and Jyoti K. ParikhRural Energy Agricultural Interactions: a case study of West Bengal State, Rural Energy Project Paper, 1991.
PP-007Kirit S. ParikhLost decades 1971-1991 - What India missed. Report for the World Resources Institute, Bombay, IGIDR, 1994.
PP-006P. G. Babu,S. Mahendra DevProject on land consolidation: Instructions manual and questionnaire, Bombay, IGIDR, 1995.
PP-005S.Geetha,Madhura,SwaminathanSocio economic survey of a slum in Bombay, A second report on characteristics of individuals, Bombay, IGIDR, 1994.
PP-004P. G. Babu,Ajit MishraSocial norms, institutional structures and development policy, 1994.
PP-003S.Geetha,Madhura,SwaminathanSocio economic survey of a slum in Bombay: A first report, Bombay, IGIDR, 1994.
PP-002noneProceedings of the Seminar on Agricultural Reforms organized by IGIDR, Jan 14-15, 1993, Bombay, IGIDR, 1993.
PP-001Kirit S. Parikh,Shikha Jha,P. V. SrinivasanAgricultural policy reforms: Tasks ahead. A report on the Seminar on Agricultural Reforms, 1993.