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E-Book Collections

JSTOR EBA E-Books Collection (63500+ titles)
MIT Press-D2O E-books (HSS) Collection (1256 titles)


Elsevier – Handbooks in Economics (121 titles)
Oxford University Press – Economics and Finance Handbooks (77 titles)

Course Books

Applied General Equilibrium Models

Linear Programming and Economic Analysis
by Dorfmann, R., Samuelson, P.A and Solow, R

Textbook of Computable General Equilibrium Modeling: Programming and Simulations
by Hosoe, Nobuhiro, Gasawa, Kenji and Hashimoto, Hideo

The Structure of Applied General Equilibrium Models
by Ginsburgh, V. and Keyzer, M

Climate Change Science, Economics and Policy

Climate Change Science: A Primer for Sustainable Development by Mutter, John C

Contemporary Issues in Human Development and Policy

Development as Freedom
by Sen, Amartya

Human Development in an Unequal World
by Seeta Prabhu, K and Iyer, Sandhya S

Justice as Fairness
by Rawls, John and Kelly, Erin

New Frontiers of the Capability Approach
Edited by Flavio Comim, Shailaja Fennell, and P. B. Anand

The Cambridge Handbook of the Capability Approach
Edited by Enrica Chiappero-Martinetti, Siddiqur Osmani, and Mozaffar Qizilbash

Development Economics

Development Economics
by Ray, Debaraj

Energy and Environment-I

Energy, Environment and Development (2nd Ed)
by by Jose Goldemberg

Environmental and Natural Resource Economics
by Tietenberg, Thomas H and Lewis, Lynne


Economic Growth, Second Edition
by Barro, Robert J and Sala-I-Martin, Xavier I

Political Economy of Institutions and Development

Political Economics: Explaining Economic Policy
by Persson, Torsten and Tabellini, Guido

Spectral Analysis and Wavelets

Time Series: Theory and Methods
by Brockwell, Peter J and Davis, Richard A

Topics in Oligopoly Theory

Contract Theory
by Bolton, Patrick and Dewatripont, Mathias

The Economics of the Trade Union
by Alison L. Booth

Game Theory
by Fudenberg, Drew and Tirole, Jean

Oligopoly Pricing
by Xavier Vives

The Theory of Industrial Organization
by Tirole, Jean

Open Textbooks in Economics