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JSTOR Journal Archives

South Asian Archives [NDL]

World E-Book Libary [NDL]

Science Direct (108 Journals)
Administrative Science Quarterly [Sage]
Advances in Accounting [Science Direct]
African Affairs [OUP]
Agricultural Economics[Wiley-B]
Agricultural Systems[Science Direct]
Alternatives: Global, Local, Political (2012-2018) [Sage]
Ambio: A Journal of the Human Environment (2014-2018) [Springer]
American Economic Journal: Economic Policy [AEA]
American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics[AEA]
American Economic Journal: Microeconomics[AEA]
American Economic Review [AEA]
American Economic Review [AEA] Insights
American Journal of Agricultural Economics[OUP]
American Journal of Political Science [Wiley-B]
American Journal of Sociology [Uni of Chicago Pr]
American Law and Economic Review[OUP]
American Political Science Review [Cambridge]
American Economic Journal: Applied Economics[AEA]
Applied Economic Perspectives and Policy [OUP]
Applied Economics Letters [Taylor & Francis]
Applied Economics [Taylor & Francis]
Applied Financial Economics [Taylor & Francis]
Asian Economic Journal [1997-2018] [Wiley-B]
Asian Economic Papers [MIT]
Asian-Pacific Economic Literature [1997-2018] [Wiley-B]
Australian Economic Papers [1997-2018] [Wiley-B]
Biomass and Bioenergy[Science Direct] [2012-2019]
British Journal of Social Work [OUP]
Bulletin of Economic Research [1997-2018] [Wiley-B]
Bulletin on Indonesian Economic Studies (2005-2018) [Taylor & Francis]
Cambridge Journal of Economics [OUP]
Cambridge Journal of Regions, Economy and Society [OUP]
Canadian Journal of Agricultural Economics [Wiley]
Canadian Journal of Economics[Wiley-B]
Case Studies on Transport Policy [Science Direct]
CESifo Economic Studies[OUP]
Challenge (2015-2018) [Taylor & Francis]
China Economic Review[Science Direct]
China Quarterly (2010-2018) [Cambridge]
China Report[Sage]
Chinese Journal of International Law [OUP]
Comparative Studies in Society and History (2010-2018) [CUP]
Computational Economics [Springer]
Computational Statistics and Data Analysis [Science Direct]
Constitutional Political Economy (2014-2018) [Springer]
Contributions to Indian Sociology [Sage]
Contributions to Political Economy[OUP]
Critical Asian Studies (2004-2018) [Taylor & Francis]
Critical Perspectives on Accounting [Science Direct]
Current Anthropology (2012-2018) [Uni of Chicago Pr]
Deadalus [MIT]
Development and Change [Wiley-B]
Development Policy Review [Wiley-B]
Ecological Economics [Science Direct]
Econometric Reviews [Taylor & Francis]
Econometric Theory [Cambridge]
Econometrica [Wiley-B]
Econometric Journal [OUP]
Economic Analysis and Policy [Science Direct]
Economic and Political Weekly
Economic Development and Cultural Change [Uni of Chicago Pr]
Economic History Review [1997-2018] [Wiley-B]
Economic Inquiry [Wiley]
Economic Journal, The [OUP]
Economic Modelling[Science Direct]
Economic Papers [1997-2018] [Wiley-B]
Economic Policy [OUP]
Economic Record [1997-2018] [Wiley]
Economic Systems [Science Direct]
Economic theory[Springer]
Economica [Wiley-B]
Economics & Human Biology [Science Direct]
Economics and Philosophy (2011-2018) [CUP]
Economics and Politics [1997-2018] [Wiley-B]
Economics Letters[Science Direct]
Economics of Education Review [Science Direct]
Economics of Transportation [Science Direct]
Ecosystem Services [Science Direct]
Electricity Journal [Science Direct]
Emerging Markets Review [Science Direct]
Empirical Economics[Springer]
Energy Conversion and Management [Science Direct]
Energy Economics[Science Direct]
Energy Efficiency[Springer]
Energy for Sustainable Development [Science Direct]
Energy Policy[Science Direct]
Energy Sources – Part A (2015-2018) [Taylor & Francis]
Energy Sources – Part B (2015-2018) [Taylor & Francis]
Energy [Science Direct]
Energy Journal [IAEE]
Environment and Development Economics (1999-2001) [CUP]
Environment and Urbanization (2016-2018) [Sage]
Environment: Science and Policy for Sustainable Development [2009, 2011-2018] [Taylor & Francis]
Environmental Conservation (2010-2018) [CUP]
Environmental Innovation and Societal Transitions [Science Direct]
Environmental Modelling & Assessment[Springer]
Environmental Technology (2008-2018) [Taylor & Francis]
European Economic Review[Science Direct]
European Journal of Development Research [Palgrave]
European Journal of International Law[OUP]
European Journal of Law & Economics (2014-2018) [Springer]
European Journal of Political Economy[Science Direct]
European Journal of the History of Economic Thought (2005-2018) [Taylor & Francis]
European Review of Agricultural Economics[OUP]
European Sociological Review[OUP]
Explorations In Economic History[Science Direct]
Feminist Economics [Taylor & Francis]
Finance Research Letters [Science Direct]
Financial Analyst Journal [CFA]
Financial Management [2005-2018] [Wiley-B]
Food Policy[Science Direct]
Futures[Science Direct]
Games and Economic Behaviour[Science Direct]
Gender, Technology and Development (2011-2016) [Sage]
Geneva Risk and Insurance Review (1990-2018) [Palgrave]
Geoforum [Science Direct]
Global Environmental Change-Part A [Science Direct]
Global Finance Journal [Science Direct]
Health Economics [John Wiley & Sons]
Human Rights Law Review[OUP]
Indian Economic and Social History Review [Sage]
Indian Economic Journal, The [Sage]
Indian Growth and Development Review [Emerald]
Indian Journal of Gender Studies [Sage]
Indian Journal of Human Development [Sage]
Industrial and Corporate Change [OUP]
Industrial Law Journal [OUP]
Industry and Innovation (2005-2018) [Taylor & Francis]
Information Economics and Policy[Science Direct]
Insurance: Mathematics and Economics [Science Direct]
International Business Review [Science Direct]
International Economic Review [Wiley-B]
International Economics [Science Direct]
International Finance [1998-2018] [Wiley]
International Journal of Constitutional Law[OUP]
International Journal of Epidemiology [OUP]
International Journal of Finance & Economics (1996 to 2018) [John Wiley & Sons]
International Journal Of Forecasting [Science Direct]
International Journal of Game Theory [Springer]
International Journal Of Industrial Organisation[Science Direct]
International Journal of Law and Information Technology[OUP]
International Journal of Law, Policy and the Family[OUP]
International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment (2014-2018) [Springer]
International Journal of Management Education, The [Science Direct]
International Journal of Production Economics [Science Direct]
International Journal of Public Opinion Research[OUP]
International Journal of the Economics of Business (2005-2018) [Taylor & Francis]
International Labour Review[Wiley]
International Review of Economics & Finance [Science Direct]
International Review of Economics Education [Science Direct]
International Review of Financial Analysis [Science Direct]
International Review Of Law And Economics[Science Direct]
International Tax & Public Finance (2014-2018) [Springer]
Japan and The World Economy[Science Direct]
Journal of Accounting and Economics [Science Direct]
Journal of Accounting Research [2001-2018] [Wiley-B]
Journal of African Economies[OUP]
Journal of Applied Corporate Finance [1997-2018] [Wiley]
Journal of Applied Econometrics [Wiley]
Journal of Applied Statistics (2005-2018) [Taylor & Francis]
Journal of Asian Economics [Science Direct]
Journal of Asian Studies (2007-2018) [CUP]
Journal of Banking And Finance[Science Direct]
Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics [Science Direct]
Journal of Business and Economic Statistics [T & F]
Journal of Business Finance & Accounting [1997-2018] [Wiley-B]
Journal of Choice Modelling [Science Direct]
Journal Of Comparative Economics[Science Direct]
Journal of Competition Law and Economics[OUP]
Journal of Contemporary Accounting & Economics [Science Direct]
Journal of Contemporary Asia (2006-2018) [Taylor & Francis]
Journal Of Corporate Finance[Science Direct]
Journal of Derivatives [PMR]
Journal Of Development Economics[Science Direct]
Journal of Development Studies [Taylor & Francis]
Journal of Econometrics[Science Direct]
Journal of Economic Asymmetries, The [Science Direct]
Journal Of Economic Behaviour And Organisation[Science Direct]
Journal Of Economic Dynamics And Control [Science Direct]
Journal of Economic Geography[OUP]
Journal of Economic Growth [Springer]
Journal of Economic History [CUP]
Journal of Economic Inequality [Springer]
Journal of Economic Issues (2015-2018) [Taylor & Francis]
Journal of Economic Literature [AEA]
Journal of Economic Methodology (2005-2018) [Taylor & Francis]
Journal of Economic Perspectives [AEA]
Journal of Economic Policy Reform [Taylor & Francis]
Journal Of Economic Psychology[Science Direct]
Journal of Economic Surveys [Wiley-B]
Journal Of Economic Theory[Science Direct]
Journal of Economics and Business [Science Direct]
Journal of Economics and Management Strategy [Wiley]
Journal of Economics [Springer]
Journal of Emerging Market Finance [Sage]
Journal of Empirical Finance [Science Direct]
Journal of Entrepreneurship [Sage]
Journal of Environmental Law [OUP]
Journal of European Economic Association [OUP]
Journal of Evolutionary Economics [Springer]
Journal of Finance [Wiley-B]
Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis [CUP]
Journal of Financial Econometrics [OUP]
Journal Of Financial Economics [Science Direct]
Journal Of Financial Intermediation [Science Direct]
Journal of Financial Markets [Science Direct]
Journal of Financial Research, The [1998-2018] [Wiley-B]
Journal Of Financial Services Research (2014-2018) [Springer]
Journal of Financial Stability [Science Direct]
Journal of Fixed Income [PMR]
Journal of Forecasting (1998-2018) [Wiley]
Journal of Futures Markets [Wiley]
Journal of Health Economics [Science Direct]
Journal of Health Management[Sage]
Journal of Housing Economics [Science Direct]
Journal of Human Development and Capabilities[Taylor & Francis]
Journal of Human Resources [Wisconsin Pr]
Journal of Industrial Economics [Wiley-B]
Journal of Institutional and Theoretical Economics [Mohr Siebeck]
Journal of Interdisciplinary Economics [Sage]
Journal of International Accounting, Auditing and Taxation [Science Direct]
Journal of International Development [Wiley]
Journal of International Economic Law[OUP]
Journal Of International Economics[Science Direct]
Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions and Money [Science Direct]
Journal Of International Money and Finance [Science Direct]
Journal of Labour Economics [ Uni of Chicago Pr ]
Journal of Latin American Studies (2010-2018) [CUP]
Journal of Law and Economics [ Uni of Chicago Pr ]
Journal of law, Economics and Organization [OUP]
Journal of Legal Studies [ Uni of Chicago Pr ]
Journal of Macroeconomics[Science Direct]
Journal Of Mathematical Economics[Science Direct]
Journal Of Monetary Economics[Science Direct]
Journal of Money, Credit and Banking [Wiley-B]
Journal of Multinational Financial Management [Science Direct]
Journal of Peasant Studies[Taylor & Francis]
Journal of Pension Economics and Finance (2010-2018) [CUP]
Journal Of Policy Modeling [Science Direct]
Journal of Political Economy [ Uni of Chicago Pr ]
Journal of Portfolio Management [PMR]
Journal of Post Keynesian Economics [Taylor & Francis]
Journal of Productivity Analysis[Springer]
Journal Of Public Economics[Science Direct]
Journal of Rail Transport and Management
Journal of Regional Science [Wiley-B]
Journal of Risk and Uncertainty [Springer]
Journal of Socio-Economics (1995-2014) [Science Direct]
Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference[Science Direct]
Journal of the Air and Waste Management Association (1952-2018) [T & F]
Journal of the American Statistical Association [T & F]
Journal of the Economics of Ageing, The [Science Direct]
Journal of the European Economic Association [OUP]
Journal of the Japanese and International Economies [Science Direct]
Journal of the Operational Research Society [T & F]
Journal of the Royal Statistical Society-Series-A (Statistics in Society)[OUP]
Journal of the Royal Statistical Society-Series-B (Methodological)[OUP]
Journal of the Royal Statistical Society-Series-C (Applied Statistics)[OUP]
Journal of Time Series Analysis [Wiley-B]
Journal of Transport Economics and Policy (2001-2015) [Uni of Bath]
Journal of Urban Economics [Science Direct]
Journal of World Business [Science Direct]
Kyklos [Wiley-B]
Labour Economics[Science Direct]
Land Economics [Uni of Wisconsin Pr]
Law, Probability and Risk[OUP]
Macroeconomics and Finance in Emerging Market Economies [Taylor & Francis]
Management Accounting Research [Science Direct]
Management Science[Informs]
Manchester School, The [Wiley-B]
Margin: The Journal of Applied Economic Research [Sage]
Mathematical Programming (2014-2018) [Springer]
Mathematical Social Sciences [Science Direct]
Mathematics of Operations Researach[Informs]
Metroeconomica [1997-2018] [Wiley-B]
Modern Asian Studies (2010-2018) [CUP]
Monthly Review (2016-2018) [Monthly Rev Foundation]
National Tax Journal [Uni of Chicago Pr]
Natural Resources Forum [Wiley]
Nature [Springer]
New Left Review
New Political Economy (2005-2018) [Taylor & Francis]
North American Review of Economics and Finance [Science Direct]
Operations Research [Informs]
Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics [Wiley-B]
Oxford Development Studies [Taylor & Francis]
Oxford Economic Papers [OUP]
Oxford Journal of Legal Studies [OUP]
Oxford Review of Economic Policy [OUP]
Pacific Basin Financial Journal [Science Direct]
Past and Present [OUP]
Perspectives on Politics [CUP]
Philosophia Mathematica [OUP]
Philosophy and Public Affairs [Wiley]
Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications [Science Direct]
Policy Studies Journal [1997-2018] [Wiley]
Politics & Policy [1997-2018] [Wiley]
PS Political Science and Politics [CUP]
Public Choice [Springer]
Public Finance Review [Sage]
Public Opinion Quarterly [OUP]
Quarterly Journal of Economics, The [OUP]
Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance [Science Direct]
Rand Journal of Economics, The [Wiley]
Regional Science and Urban Economics [Science Direct]
Renewable Energy[Science Direct]
Research in Economics[Science Direct]
Research in International Business and Finance [Science Direct]
Research in Social Stratification and Mobility[Science Direct]
Research in Transportation Business & Management [Science Direct]
Research in Transportation Economics [Science Direct]
Research Policy [Science Direct]
Resource and Energy Economics [Science Direct]
Resources Policy [Science Direct]
Review of African Political Economy (2005-2018) [Taylor & Francis]
Review of Asset Pricing Studies, The [OUP]
Review of Corporate Finance Studies [OUP]
Review of Development and Change [Sage]
Review of Derivatives Research (2014-2018) [Springer]
Review of Development Economics [Wiley-B]
Review of Economic Design [Springer]
Review Of Economic Dynamics[Science Direct]
Review of Economic Studies, The [OUP]
Review of Economics and Statistics [MIT]
Review of Finance [OUP]
Review of Financial Economics [Science Direct]
Review of Financial Studies [OUP]
Review of Income and Wealth [Wiley-B]
Review of Industrial Organization [Springer]
Review of International Economics [Wiley-B]
Review of Policy Research [1998-2018] [Wiley]
Review of Radical Political Economics (2011-2018) [Sage]
Scandinavian Journal of Economics [Wiley-B]
Science and Public Policy
Science Technology & Society[Sage]
Small Business Economics (2014-2018) [Springer]
Social Change
Social Choice and Welfare [Springer]
Social Politics: International Studies in Gender, State & Society [OUP]
Social Science and Medicine [Science Direct]
Social Science Japan Journal[OUP]
Socio-Economic Planning Sciences[Science Direct]
Socio-Economic Review [OUP]
Statistical Science [IMS]
Statute Law Review [OUP]
Structural Change and Economic Dynamics[Science Direct]
Studies in History [Sage]
Studies in Nonlinear Dynamics and Econometrics [DeGruyter]
Studies in People’s History [Sage]
Technological Forecasting And Social Change [Science Direct]
Technometrics (2012-2018) [T & F]
Theory And Decision [Springer]
Transport Policy[Science Direct]
Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment [Science Direct]
Transportation (2014-2018) [Springer]
Urban Studies [Sage]
Utilities Policy [Science Direct]
Value in Health [Science Direct]
Waste Management and Research (2011-2018) [Sage]
Water Resources and Economics [Science Direct]
World Bank Economic Review [OUP]
World Bank Research Observer [OUP]
World Development [Science Direct]
World Economy, The [Wiley-B]
World Politics (2009-2018) [CUP]
E-Journals-Access through Password:Please contact library staff for further information.
Economist [Economist NP Ltd]
Financial Times [Pearson]
Foreign Affairs [CFR]
Times Higher Education Supplement [TLS]
E-Journals in Public Domain:Full text of the following journals are in public domain.
Agricultural Economics Research Review
Agriculture Situation in India
Asian Biotechnology Development Review
Asian Development Review
Asian Journal of Dairy and Food Research (Formerly – the Journal of Dairying Foods & Home Science)
Bank of England – Quarterly Bulletin
BIS Quarterly Review
Brookings Papers on Economic Activity
Dlib Magazine
Federal Reserve Bank of Boston: New England Economic Review
Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago: Economic Perspectives
Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City: Economic Review
Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis: Quarterly Review
Federal Reserve Bank of New York: Economic Policy Review
Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia: Business Review
Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond: Economic Quarterly
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis: Review
Finance and Development
Food and Nutrition Bulletin [1978-2018] [Sage]
IDS Bulletin
IIMB Management Review
Indian Journal of Agricultural Economics
Indian Labour Journal
Indian Journal of Medical Ethics
International Journal of Community Currency Research
International Journal Of Electrical Power And Energy Systems [Science Direct]
Journal of Research Practice
Journal of the Indian Society of Agricultural Statistics
Journal of the Operations Research Society of Japan
Journal of Transportation and Statistics
KEIO Economic Studies
Mainstream Weekly
Methodological Innovations Online
Monthly Labour Review
NAJ Economics: Peer reviews of Economics Publications
Quantitative Economics
Reserve Bank of India Bulletin
Reserve Bank of India Occasional Papers
Reserve Bank of India Weekly Statistical Supplement
Review of Agrarian Studies
Review of Income and Wealth (1966->)
Social Research Update
Social Scientist (1972-2001)
The Hindu Centre Policy Watch
Theoretical Economics
Transnational Corporations